One of the most damning pieces of evidence was an email in which Kelly wrote: for some traffic problems in Fort Lee. Then, as the four days of gridlock unfolded and Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich complained about children unable to get to school, she texted: it wrong that I am smiling? the stand, Kelly explained that she was referring to what she thought was a traffic study and expressing satisfaction that it was going well. As for why Kelly deleted the messages, her lawyer suggested she was afraid she was about to be made the scapegoat..

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The next day, during a news conference in New York, he reverted to his original stance, declaring that blame on both sides. You look at both sides I think there blame on both sides. And I have no doubt about it, and you don have any doubt about it either, Trump said Aug.

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In Dravidian parties, it became a custom to offer hand woven towels to small leaders and offer silk or Kashmiri shawls to big leaders. Karunandhi changed from white to coloured towels. Second rung DMK leaders like Nedunchezhian and Anbazhagan changed to towels with different colours or flower designs.

What was once not done opening stores on what has traditionally been a day set aside for families and friends to dine and to give thanks for their blessings is no longer.About a fourth of those (33 million) asked said they plan to shop on Thanksgiving Day, according to a National Retail Federation survey. It was the first time the question has been asked.”Though many people have already started to check off items from their holiday shopping lists, we fully expect to see many more come out on Thanksgiving Day and throughout the weekend,” said NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay.Overall, up to 140 million people plan to shop sometime Thursday Sunday, a slight decrease from the 147 million who planned to do so last year. Black Friday, when 69.1 percent (97 million) plan to shop, will be the biggest day of the weekend.Locally, members of the Edmond business community are hoping for a busy Black Friday.”People in Edmond are optimistic,” said Ken Moore, president and CEO of the Edmond Area Chamber of Commerce.Moore said several weeks ago, a number of business owners called the chamber to see if the organization was going to be promoting the fourth annual Small Business Saturday, which it has done.