Children are vulnerable to outside influences that lead to fabrication of testimony.[5] Their testimony can be influenced in a variety of ways. Maggie Bruck in her article published by the American Psychological Association wrote that children incorporate aspects of the interviewer’s questions into their answers in an attempt to tell the interviewer what the child believes is being sought.[6] Studies also show that when adults ask children questions that do not make sense (such as “is milk bigger than water?” or “is red heavier than yellow?”), most children will offer an answer, believing that there is an answer to be given, rather than understand the absurdity of the question.[7] Furthermore, repeated questioning of children causes them to change their answers. This is because the children perceive the repeated questioning as a sign that they did not give the “correct” answer previously.[8] Children are also especially susceptible to leading and suggestive questions.[9] Some studies have shown that only a small percentage of children produce fictitious reports of sexual abuse on their own.[10][11][12][13] Other studies have shown that children understate occurrences of abuse.[14][15][16].

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