With the cost of energy rising each year, New Jersey’s facility managers and building owners are looking for ways to reduce these costs and invest in green technologies.  There are several ways to reduce energy consumption, but the easiest and fastest way is through lighting.  East Coast Lighting & Energy has been providing turn-key solutions for our customers since day one.

Here’s how it works:

1) Contact Us

When you contact East Coast Lighting & Energy regarding your lighting needs, we will arrange for one of our team members to perform a free lighting audit at your facility.  We will collect data about the existing lighting system, voltages, ceiling height, existing footcandles, and your utility bills.

2)  We’ll send you a report of $ benefits

Once the audit has been completed and transformed into a proposal, we will provide you with a report that shows the complete financial benefits of investing in a new lighting system.  In addition, we will show you what rebates are available from the NJ Clean Energy Program and what tax deductions apply.

3) We’ll provide a timeline of events

Once a contract has been established, East Coast Lighting & Energy will provide a time line of events from material delivery, to the completion of the job.

4) We’ll work with you until you get your $

Once complete, we will continue to work with NJ’s Clean Energy program manager until you receive your rebate.

While installing a new lighting system may have obvious benefits such as increased light levels and cost savings, there is also a reduction in the carbon footprint of the facility and added savings in A/C costs due to less heat give off.  Go green today and save!

We will be happy to supply an extensive list of referrals at your request, please feel free to call us for your free audit today!